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Time Travellers in Essendon, Flemington and the Keilor Plains

Page history last edited by Lenore Frost 7 months, 2 weeks ago


Website created by Lenore Frost


This webpage will allow me and other community historians the opportunity to explore the lesser known history of people and places in Parish of Doutta Galla, as our interest takes us.  These articles or images are copyright to the persons named as the authors, and may not be copied without the express permission of the specific author.  


The Time Travellers blog will keep you up to date on additions to the website.  Follow the blog by email.  Also see my other website:


The Empire Called and I Answered - the WW1 Volunteers of Essendon and Flemington


Special resources



Articles          Articles listed by author

Bibliography of published local history




Doctors of Essendon and Flemington    

Heritage Walks      


Keilor and the Keilor Plains


Midwives of Essendon and Flemington   

Regional Book Index      

School Photos   

Social Clubs   new subject heading 7/10/2023

Sporting Clubs

Women's Work


Recent additions - highlights:


A photograph of the South Kensington Football Club 1932 Premiers, courtesy of Linda Stanley, added 27/11/2023

A photograph of the Northern District Progress Cricket Association courtesy of Tracey Tanner,  added 14/11/2023

An article about George Hyde, who died at Keilor, 1844  by Christine Laskowski, added 1/9/2023

Article about the Park Street Level Crossing by Marilyn Kenny, added 11/9/2022

Article about Gatekeepers-at-the-Park-Street-Railway-Crossing by Marilyn Kenny, added 26/6/2022

Article about Park-Street-Moonee-Ponds-Gatekeeper's-Cottage  by Rod Berry, added 26/6/2022

An article about Railways-and-Gardens by Marilyn Kenny added 26/6/2022

A photograph of the St Paul's C of E Football Club, circa 1939-40, courtesy of Peter Nankervis   added 1/5/2022

An article about midwife Mary Ann Scharness of Moonee Ponds, by Marilyn Kenny, added 3/1/2022

An article on the origins of Salmon-Reserve by Marilyn Kenny  added on 6/5/2021

A photograph of the Strathmore-Presbyterian-Basketball-Club added on 25/3/2021

A Name list of Glenthorpe College Students created by Jill Ridgway, added on 28/2/2021

An article on Glenthorpe College by Jill Ridgway added 28/2/2021

Photograph of Mrs H M Harding's Premier Tea Rooms in Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon, added 4/12/2020

Photograph of Miss S M Stife's pharmacy in Rose St, Essendon, added 4/12/2020

Essendon-and-Flemington-Heritage-Walks.  Essendon, 2002  added 9/9/2020

The third part of Marilyn Kenny's article Many Moonee Ponds Medicos added 9/9/2020

A continuation of the Vaccine article with Death or Disfigurement by Marilyn Kenny added 9/9/2020

An article about Moonee Ponds medicos by Marily Kenny Race for a vaccine  added 8/9/2020

A short article on Essendon Golf Club by Lenore Frost  added 28/8/2020

A photograph of a house in Winchester St, Moonee Ponds   added 25/8/2020; corrected 10/9/2020

An article on the Kensington Skating Rink by Lenore Frost added 4/7/2020

An article about Poverty, Plague, Pestilence  with an outbreak of Bubonic Plague  by Marilyn Kenny added 21/6/2020

An article about  Patrick-James-Flanagan-Medical Health-Officer  by Marilyn Kenny added 27/5/2020

An article about Edenhope Receptions by Lenore Frost added 10/5/2020

An article about the Essendon-Emergency-Hospital-1919 by Lenore Frost added 7/04/2020

An article about The Woodmen, from Marilyn Kenny added 20/1/2020

A story about Thomas Joseph Peat, labourer of Essendon  added 5/9/2019

A photo essay on the Essendon Rail Bridge  added 2/9/2019

A group of class photos from Essendon-State-School, 1939-1943, added 31/8/2019

New school photos for  Moonee Ponds West State School and Essendon-High-School  added 21/7/2019

An article on the Anderson Family of Horseshoe Bend Farm, Keilor, by Christine Laskowski, added 10/7/2019

Photographs of Montasell's Farm, Keilor added 4/7/2019

Updated indexes of Midwives and Doctors added 3/7/2019

A new photographer, Tinker-T-J-A added to the directory, added 6/2/2019

Photos of Percy H Judd's premises in Ascot Vale, added 4 Feb 2019

Story and Images of the Little Zion Chapel, Flemington, by Lenore Frost  added 31/1/2019

Photographs of the Wilson family of 10 Richardson St, added 23/12/2018

A new photograph of Ascot-Vale-Presbyterian-Cricket-Club , c 1914 added 20/12/2018

A new photograph of 74 McCracken St, Kensington, added 16/12/2018

A new photograph of Ascot Vale State School pupils, added 13/12/2018

A new article and photos of 45 Finsbury St, Newmarket, by Lenore Frost added 11/12/2018

A new article Mrs Windsor's Life Among Books by Lenore Frost added 2/9/2018

A new article on Dr John Rae Menzies Thomson by Marilyn Kenny added 1/9/2018

A new article about Moonee Ponds Skating Rink  Added on 8/7/2018

Photos of the Kensington Central School, 1952. Added on 24/2/2018

A photo of the Essendon Boys' Lacrosse Club, 1934,  added 24/4/2018

A class photo from Essendon-North-State-School circa 1930-31,  added 26/3/2018

An article on The-Shuter-Estate-Moonee-Ponds by Marilyn Kenny, added 24/3/2018

A photo circa 1890 of a house at Dartford St, Flemington, added 11/3/2018

A photo and news clipping for the Sherwood family, of Flemington  added 6/3/2018

A photo of the North Essendon Methodist (or Presbyterian) Cricket Club, 1920s added 4/1/2018

A photo of a sign for  E J Norris, estate agent, Russell St, Essendon  added 31/12/2017

A photo of the Ascot Vale CYMS Football Club 1919 added 24/10/2017

A photo of the South-Kensington-Football-Club 1922, added 21/10/2017

A photo of the 6th Melbourne Boy Scouts, Kensington, 1919  added 8/10/2017

An article History of Kensington by Sylvester J Baker, written in 1976  added 20/9/2017

An article on Georgina Bingham - an Energetic Worker, by Marilyn Kenny  added 1/09/2017

Photos of Kensington-State-School and Essendon-North-State-School added 22/08/2017

Article on James Butler Watson: early resident of The Springs, by Christine Laskowski  added 26/7/2017

Article for  Hollick-Ruth-Photographer    added 11/7/2017

Photos of the Essendon-Baseball-Club  have been added 7/5/2017

New Essendon State School photo, 1901   added 26/4/2017

Images of "Belmiers", Buckley St, Essendon  added 26/4/2017

Views of Essendon  added 5/2/2017

Addition of Houses-Ascot Vale  to the list of House Photos by Street and Suburb  added 4/2/2017

Photo of the Ascot Vale Methodists Gymnasium 1933  added 3/2/2017

Certificate for the 1st Ascot Vale Brownie Pack   added 3/2/2017

Photo of the St John's Tennis Club, Essendon  added 29/1/2017

Photos of the Kensington-Methodist-Basketball-Club  added 28/1/2017

Photos and article about the Morisons of Laluma by Ian Reiher  added 19/1/2017

Photos of the Flemington Lacrosse Club, 1896  added 9/1/2017

Article about Agnes Thomson, Photographer, Ascot Vale, by Lenore Frost added 20/12/2016

Photo of Moonee Ponds-Methodist-Cricket-Club added 26/9/2016

Photo of North Essendon Methodist Cricket Club  added 26/9/2016

New photos for Essendon State School, 1902-1908  added 25/9/2016

Photos and news reports about the Wattle Club, 1916 to 1918 added 24/9/2015

Photo of the Moonee Ponds Methodist Church Debating Society, circa 1912 added 24/9/2015

Photographic study of Tullamarine-Freeway-Construction-Strathmore  by Allan Mitchell Williams added 10/7/2016

Doctors of Essendon and Flemington Index     added 2/7/2016   

Midwives of Essendon and Flemington Index   added 2/7/2016

The Essendon Garden Army, 1942-1943 by Marilyn Kenny, added 26/5/2016

Edith Peard: the making of a New Woman  by Lenore Frost, added 20/5/2016

A-boy-on-a-bike  by Marilyn Kenny

That Ancient Question, the Moonee Ponds Post Office, 1854-1906   by Marilyn Kenny

Libraries - Hygienic, Public, Circulating   by Lenore Frost

Ely, Ada (Judy Allen), social columnist by Marilyn Kenny

Early Libraries in Essendon and Flemington, Part 1     by Lenore Frost

Early Libraries in Essendon and Flemington, Part 2     by Lenore Frost

Early-Libraries-In-Essendon-and-Flemington Part 3   by Lenore Frost

Directory of Local Photographers    by Lenore Frost   new Dover Studio photos 13/5/2016

Ascot-Vale-Presbyterian-Cricket-Club new 16/5/2016          

Ascot-Vale-West-Basket-Ball-Club       new 15/5/2016

Pascoe-Vale-State-School        new 13/5/2016

St-Monica's-Catholic-Primary-School, Essendon   new 13/5/2016

Wombat-Club-Flemington   new 4/5/2016


White gum Tree Dwellers








Buzzard, Alfred Ernest

Dangerfield, Edwin

Derham, Frederick Thomas

Taylor, James

Young, Albert Edward




Suburban-Bicycle-Club    Flemington-Kensington

Ascot Vale State School

Ascot Vale West State School - see Ascot-Vale-West-Basket-Ball-Club  

Essendon North State School




St Brendan's Catholic School, Flemington  


Olympic, 355 Keilor Rd, Essendon



One Place Studies Directory



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