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Time Travellers in Essendon, Flemington and the Keilor Plains

Sporting Clubs




Third from the left is Ruby Kettle, and far right is Annie Jean Cook.  Photo courtesy of Pam Beaumont.


The young woman third from the left is Ruby Kettle, aged 15. The Kettle family lived in Wright St, Essendon, and Ruby attended the Flemington Girls’ SchoolThe team are playing in what appears to be the Flemington Girls School sports uniform.


In 1938 ‘R Kettle’ features in some Trove articles as a leading goaler in a basketball (netball) team called Strathmore which played in a Presbyterian Girls' Fellowship competition. 1938 is the year the Presbyterian Church in Upland Road renamed itself Strathmore. The suburb itself did not become so named until 1943. 


Ruby’s family attended Christ Church, North Essendon, so her connection with the Strathmore Presbyterian Church is not obvious. Perhaps it was the closest basketball team near home with vacancies.


The photo appears to have been taken opposite the church where a number of courts were known to be situated on land that had been purchased for a Church of England grammar school.  The project did not go ahead and the land was later sold.  In the 1950s the only court available was an asphalt court beside the first church building.  This block later had the current church built on it.  


The uniform they played in then was their grey Essendon High School sports tunic, with three box pleats front and back.


The young lady at the far right of the team has been identified as Annie Jean Cook (later Wilson) who was born in Kensington in 1922, and attended Kensington State School, and later Flemington Girls’ School.


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